Tricks and Games

Tricks and Games

Trainers: Bille Wickre, Mary Anne Bentley, Pam Sikora, Valerie Sloan

This course is intended for dogs 6 months or older and their families. You are welcome to bring any members of your family who are interested in training your dog, especially children. In this course we will use tricks and games to have fun with our dogs, reinforce obedience and strengthen the human-animal bond. Our techniques are all positive or reward based. Rewards can be food, toys, petting, or a cheery “good dog.”  Because treats get fast responses, we will start using treats as reward. You will move away from treats as you learn new behaviors.

We will try to be outside as weather permits. When it is tick season, please be sure you and your dog are protected on the days we go outside. Please wear closed toed shoes, socks, long pants on days when we go outside. Check yourself and your dog for uninvited guests at the end of the class. Products that contain Deet are recommended to repel ticks and other biting insects—we will have some in the training room, but please use careful judgment about the products you use.

Every week you need: a buckle or martingale (grey hound) collar, a 6 foot long dog leash, yummy treats that your dog will work for, a toy or two. If you are using another kind of collar, please remove it when you are in class. If you use a harness, please talk with one of the trainers about it. You may want a bait or treat bag to keep your treats handy and your pockets less messy. They are available at most pet stores and many on-line sources.


Week 1: Introductions

Learning About Positive Rewards (YES!)


Pre-agility Exercises

Tricks (Shake or High Five, Crawl)

Week 2: Simple Rally

Take it, get it and give it or out, leave it

Trick (Roll over, and/ or play ‘possum)

Brain Games if time allows

Week 3:  Dancing With Dogs!  Bring a CD if you have some favorite dancing music. Otherwise you are at our mercy!

Back-up, spin, circle, other dance moves as time permits

Trick Put Away your toys

Week 4:  Fun with Agility!

Small Agility course

Trick TBA

Week 5:  Circus Dog!

Hoola hoop tricks

Put together a routine

Trick: 101 Things to do with a Box

*We take graduation photos of the owners and their dogs in week 5, so be sure your dog is wearing her prettiest smile

Week 6: Your dog is a star! GRADUATION!!

Party and games

Trick/dancing/agility routine!

(This is the indoor version)