About Us

Mission: The Canine Training Institute promotes positive relationships between people and dogs through education, training, and interaction between people and their dogs at all life stages. Through such relationships the lives of both people and dogs will be enriched and made more joyful.

Purpose: We exemplify and teach positive training methods for the public. We support HSSCM’s mission of educating the public. We act as ambassadors for the Humane Society to the public through our classes. We generate a small amount of income for the Humane Society.

Values:  Members of the CTI value:

  • Positive approaches to training dogs and people.
  • Listening as a first step in training
  • Small classes that offer individual attention.
  • Affordable classes that are welcoming to all ages and ranges of abilities.
  • Our association with the Humane Society and its tenets and values.
  • Positive attitudes in our interactions to clients.
  • Our role as change agents in the lives of our clients, humans and dogs.

Welcome policy: In addition to the Humane Society’s non-discrimination policy, CTI welcomes dogs of any breed or size and owners/handlers with any physical ability. Children are welcome in our classes.

Methodology:  Since its inception, the Canine Training Institute has developed training methods that are entirely positive and based on cooperation between the trainer and the dog. We integrate techniques that rely on an understanding of animal physiology and normal physical reactions. Classes are small to allow for individual attention to each dog and handler pair.

Our staff trainers are dedicated individuals who have experience working with and training animals (not limited to dogs) using positive methods. They strive to keep abreast of the latest techniques, methods, and animal training information. They regularly attend classes, seminars or workshops to maintain their levels of knowledge, skills, and competence.

Canine Training Institute Trainers

Mary Anne Bentley, PhD.

Association of Pet Dog Trainers
Certified Professional Dog Trainer—Knowledge Assessed
Recent Seminars and Classes: Nicole Wilde Seminar and Brenda Aloff’s Virtual Academy class “The Engaged Dog”

Kim Sargent, Veterinary Assistant

Certified in Therapy Riding (Horses)
Horse and Dog Cross-over trainer

Pam Sikora

Horse and Dog Cross-over Trainer

Val Sloan

Classes with Deb Root A1 Positive Dog Training

Bille Wickre, PhD.

Association of Pet Dog Trainers
Certified Professional Dog Trainer—Knowledge Assessed
Recent Seminars and Classes: Currently enrolled in Brenda Aloff’s “The Engaged Dog”